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Two reasons to create a large contingency fund when building a new business premises

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If you are planning to build a new business premises, you should create a large contingency fund. Read on to learn why. The land may be contaminated If after testing the soil on your plot, you discover that the land on which you will be constructing your commercial building is contaminated with a hazardous substance (like asbestos, for instance), you will need be able to quickly access a lot of funds, in order to resolve this issue before you continue with the building work. Read More»

Choosing the Right Material for Pontoon Boat Decking

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If you are planning on purchasing a pontoon boat, you should choose the correct decking for your asset for optimal longevity and performance. In general, the deck is essential for the vessel because it provides structure and support. Also, the decking will provide a critical surface on which you can attach items such as furniture and equipment. There are different factors that you must consider when choosing a pontoon deck. The most critical is the material used for manufacture because it will determine the performance, strength and reliability of the structure. Read More»


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Transformers are high-powered equipment used to regulate the power voltage of an alternating current. Transformers have evolved over the years with the change in technology. Transformers can either be standard and custom made. These days, the performance capabilities of transformers and end products are important to customers. This has prompted manufacturers to add special features to transformers to suit the customers. They are mostly used in power distribution substations, regulating voltage, a project like mining, refining functions and generating power. Read More»