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Two Tips Restaurant Owners Should Follow When Ordering Outdoor Roller Blinds

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Here are two tips for restaurant owners who want to order roller blinds for their restaurant's outdoor seating area.

Opt for the motorised version of the outdoor roller blinds you want

If they have the budget for it, restaurant owners who need outdoor roller blinds should consider getting the motorised version of the ones they like. Having motorised blinds in their outdoor seating area could make things easier for both their wait staff who serve tables in this area and the customers who are seated in it.

For example, if the outdoor seating area is very crowded and the customers at one table that is getting too much sunlight ask their waiter to roll down the blinds, the waiter will not have to squeeze past any other tables to physically reach the blinds and manually roll them down. Instead, they can keep the roller blinds' remote in their pocket and roll them down from wherever they happen to be standing when they receive this request.

Likewise, if the wait staff won't need to ask customers who are seated right beside the blinds to move out of the way so they can access and manually roll them down, then the customers who choose to sit in this area won't ever have their dining experiences interrupted by the process of the wait staff rolling down the blinds.

Ensure the roller blinds you order are UV-resistant

Restaurant owners who plan to order outdoor roller blinds should also ensure that the ones they purchase are UV-resistant. There are multiple benefits that come with using UV-resistant roller blinds in outdoor settings. Firstly, when these blinds are rolled down, the restaurants' customers who dine outside will be protected from a lot of the sun's UV rays, which might otherwise cause them to get sunburnt whilst they're eating or result in them having to reapply their sunscreen whilst they're trying to have their meals.

Secondly, because outdoor roller blinds are usually exposed to a lot more sunlight than indoor ones, it's beneficial for them to be UV resistant, as this will slow down the speed with which the fibres deteriorate and the colour of the roller blinds fades (two of the most common forms of damage that UV light inflicts on blinds). As such, although roller blinds that have this characteristic might be costlier than ones without it, they are still an economical choice, as the restaurant owner might not need to replace them for many years.

For more information about roller blinds, reach out to a local supplier.