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Significant Benefits of Rare Earth Magnets

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The business of selling rare earth magnets is not one that people understand well, which is understandable. Not many people understand what rare earth magnets are and if there is a significant market for small businesses to make a tidy profit. However, you will be glad to know that rare earth magnets are some of the most in-demand products. For example, rare earth magnets are essential in healthcare, manufacturing, recycling, processing, and artisanal sectors. Therefore, you have every reason to venture into selling rare earth magnets. First, however, you need to familiarise yourself with rare earth magnets' benefits and use them as selling points. Here are the key benefits of rare-earth magnets.

Widespread Applications -- One significant benefit of rare earth magnets is that they can be used in various industries. It is unlike standard magnets, whose uses are limited to a handful of applications. For instance, rare earth magnets are essential in electric car manufacture, medical technology, recycling plants, audio technology, smartphone manufacture, and clean energy equipment such as wind turbines. The widespread application of rare earth magnets is good news since it guarantees steady business throughout the year. Moreover, you can decide to focus on a few niche markets, such as the medical and clean energy industries, to avoid stiff competition from other businesses.   

Stronger Than Regular Magnets -- One would think that all magnets are the same strength-wise. However, nothing could be further from the truth because rare earth magnets, such as neodymium magnets, are stronger than their regular counterparts. It is essential because it determines the most appropriate application for rare earth magnets. For instance, regular magnets, including ceramic magnets, cannot be used in scrap yards where operators must lift heavy junk cars. Since neodymium magnets are stronger, they are perfect for such heavy-duty applications. The superior strength of rare earth magnets also aids in product design since manufacturers only need a few to achieve the desired result. It is apparent in consumer products such as audio and handheld communication devices that need to be sleek and light. 

Durable -- No doubt all magnets, rare earth and standard types, lose their strength over time. However, the rate at which magnets lose their strength is crucial in determining their reliability in their respective application. For instance, wind turbine manufacturers need magnets that retain their strength for a long time because the equipment functions 24/7/365. Similarly, electric cars manufacturers need longer-lasting magnets that will not fail a driver in the middle of a highway. Rare earth magnets are excellent for such applications because their strength lasts longer than standard magnets.