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Four Indispensable Planning Tips for Installing a Sprinkler System

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If you are planning on irrigating your landscape or farm, you should think about installing a sprinkler system. Sprinklers are favourable because they are compatible with all field conditions. Also, these units deliver and distribute water with optimal efficiency, promoting exceptional plant growth. In addition, a sprinkler system is easy to use and suitable for people without experience in irrigation. Unfortunately, the process of installing the perfect sprinkler setup can be challenging. Therefore, you should hire a qualified irrigation specialist for help. Additionally, consider using the outlined tips when planning for the project. 

Consider the Land Area

The land area is an important consideration when planning for sprinkler system installation. This will determine the type of sprinklers to install and the general layout and design. If you are planning on mapping out the entire system, it is advisable to draw out the property to scale. Then, you can make decisions on the placement of the sprinklers and the number of units needed for optimal coverage. When evaluating the land, remember to take into account other features such as driveways, walkways and structures.

Evaluate the Water Supply

You should plan on checking the water supply before commissioning the installation of the sprinklers. This will help you determine if there is sufficient pressure for optimal delivery. Ideally, you can consult your local water supplier for information about the pressure. However, it is prudent to have the pressure tested on the site. If the water pressure is low, you might need to consider installing a pump with the sprinklers for optimal delivery.

Think About Zoning

The amount of water required for irrigation will depend on factors such as the type of plants, field conditions and shading. Therefore, if the land you intend to irrigate has a wide range of plants or characteristics, you will need to take these aspects into consideration. In general, the best choice to ensure optimal water usage is zoning. This involves dividing the land into sections depending on their water requirements. Then, you can choose the most appropriate sprinklers for each zone.

Compare Sprinkler Heads

Finally, it is important to compare the different sprinkler head designs on the market before choosing the best option for your needs. When purchasing these products, you must understand the requirements for your land. For instance, evaluate and select the best radius for the sprinklers to distribute water. It is also advisable to consider whether the heads should have fixed nozzles or rotary ones. If you are uncertain about the right choice, consult your supplier or installer. 

Reach out to a sprinkler installation professional for more information.