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Advantages of Computer-Aided Jewellery Design for Jewellers and Clients Alike

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Irrespective of what piece of jewellery that you are looking to buy, from rings to necklaces, the process of creating the ornament is intricate. In years past, this design stage was typically carried out on paper using pencils. Recently, various cutting-edge developments have simplified while simultaneously streamlining the design process. One technological advancement that is steadily being adopted by jewellers is computer-aided design. Computer-aided designs, while usually associated with industrial processes, has proved beneficial to the jewellery industry for a number of reasons. This piece casts a spotlight on two advantages of computer-aided jewellery design for jewellers and clients alike.

Computer-aided jewellery design allows for precise 3D models 

When designing an ornament on paper, you only have the two-dimensional view of the rendering to go with when creating the actual piece. The great thing about computer-aided jewellery design is that the jeweller gets a three-dimensional model to examine once they are done designing the piece. With a three-dimensional object, you have clarity on which parts of the model need to be improved upon, which then guides you on how to manipulate the ornament when revising your digital design. Moreover, when you have your three-dimensional rendering of what you want the jewellery to look like, you can present this to your client, which gives them a chance to consent to the design or to explain any changes that they may want to be made! Thus, both jeweller and the client can be satisfied with the results when the final design of the ornament is achieved!

Computer-aided jewellery design allows for countless variations

Another massive benefit of computer-aided jewellery design is that you have limitless variations you can employ when creating a piece of jewellery. The first thing to note about computer-aided jewellery design is that all changes that you make to the design of the ornament can be retained in the software. Thus, you do not have to worry about overwriting any changes you make, as you can save them and employ the possibly rejected designs by the client to other ornaments that you design! Secondly, since you can save different variations of the piece in your computer, you also have the option of presenting multiple designs to your client and give them the chance to choose what suits them best. This array of options gives clients the advantage of having different designs to choose from or even select multiple pieces with slightly different designs for their loved ones!