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How to Care and Store Parking Stencils

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Parking stencils are very crucial especially when dealing with any form of line stripping work. If properly cared for and well stored, they can provide you with years of service. Assuming the simple actions on how to handle these valuable tools will only cost you your hard-earned dollars, as you may be required to replace them time to time. Check what you need to do to ensure longer lasting parking stencils.

Handling the Paint

You may be deceived that getting paint over and over your parking stencil makes it pointless to clean it off. In real sense, the paint builds up over time and gets thicker and thicker. This makes you lose the clean, crisp, and professional result that is expected as it was when the stencil was new. Buildup of old paint makes the edges lose their original shape becoming blotchy with drips of paint. You may easily peel off the paint once it has dried especially with durable polythene parking stencils. You may also acquire appropriate paint cleaner and use it with a piece of cloth to clean it off. Make sure this is done after every painting job.

Handle the Stencil with Care

Paying for quality professional thick template stencils means that they won't tear or rip easily. However, people will still stack these stencils together in one pile. When pulling out one from the lot, cut out portions can hook to other neighbouring stencils causing unnecessary damages. This is impatience and carelessness on your side. To prevent such instances, have cardboard sheets in between each parking stencil to preventing hooking onto one another to cause premature damage. Plywood material on either side does well to offer protection against bending when loading and unloading the equipment.

Ensure Safe Storage

Good and quality template stencils are flexible enough to sit flush on the pavement being painted. There should be no dangers of cracking or snapping like it would be the case if it was manufactured from a hard and inflexible material. Therefore, some support is needed if they are being stored in an upright position. Leaving them to lean against the wall will lead to flexing and bending.

When investing in parking stencils, a number of factors come to play in determining the quality of the product being purchased. Major factors of consideration include the thickness, smoothness of the surface, flexibility, heft, and many others. Be keen when buying yours since parking stencils are like other products on the market, you literally get what you pay for. For more information, click this link, or others like it.