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4 Strategies to Increase the Efficiency of Directional Drilling Services

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Drilling is a costly, challenging and physically sapping activity, especially if done inefficiently. The challenge is compounded if the machine being used is not properly maintained. Most drillers register losses due to malfunctioning of equipment that is caused by poor maintenance and servicing. Simple things like placing a bore in the right position ensure the achievement of desired results within a set budget and timeframe. Here are a few tips for directional drillers to increase efficiency.

Cost Saving -- Most companies, especially small-time drillers, seek to save costs by purchasing cheaper equipment. Although directional drilling equipment is expensive, you should not be tempted to save costs by investing in ill-equipped crews. It only results in downtime when machines breakdown, translating into delays and low productivity. Besides, lack of appropriate machinery might cost you more profitable opportunities. The cardinal rule in drilling is to acquire the best equipment for long-term profitability.

Drill Fluid -- A drill is only as good as the fluids used to lubricate the movable parts. To increase overall efficiency with directional drilling machines, you should ensure that the drill pipe is adequately lubricated. A common mistake to avoid is to use the distance being drilled as a metric in deciding whether to use drilling fluids. In all instances, a drill bit should be lubricated to reduce friction and increase the shelf life of the equipment. When adequately oiled, a drilling machine works faster, which ensures the completion of a project in good time.

Appropriate Tool -- Some drillers adopt a one-size-fits-all attitude regarding equipment use. However, the approach is counterproductive and inefficient. For example, different surfaces are characterised by unique rock structures, which call for specific machines and techniques to drill. For better results, drilling equipment should be used for a particular task. The approach ensures that drilling equipment achieves the desired results within a shorter time. Besides, the use of appropriate gear lowers operational issues and improves the durability of machines.

Torque -- When it comes to directional drilling, applying the right torque is vital to increasing the shelf life of a drill pipe. One of the most expensive recurrent expenditures in the management of a directional drilling machine is drill bits. To control costs, drillers should follow manufacturers' recommendations regarding torque levels. Exerting the right amount of force ensures that a drill bore lasts longer. For instance, it distributes pressure equally across bit rings, thereby reducing the need for regular repairs or replacement.  

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