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3 Porsche Design Products That Will Make An Incredible Gift For Your Loved One

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When you think of the word Porsche, the first image that springs to mind is the much-desired and eternally luxurious cars that are made by the iconic German automobile manufacturing company. The incredible style and supreme design concepts that have made Porsche cars a household name across the world have also been channeled into creating an extensive range of lifestyle items. If you're looking for an innovative, top quality and effortlessly cool gift for a loved one, then here are three Porsche Design products to consider.

1. A Porsche Design pen

A beautifully crafted pen is always a wonderful gift for a loved one and is a precious yet practical item that will be used often on a daily basis. Porsche Design pens are sleek, elegant and a joy to write with. They come in a range of designs and include both ballpoint and fountain ink delivery.

Porsche Design pens are priced to suit a wide range of budgets. Prices start at around €95 (approximately AU$140) for a simple ballpoint pen, and range up to a staggering €25,000 (approximately AU$37,000) for a solid gold, limited edition fountain pen.

2. Porsche Design travel accessories

For the frequent traveller in your life, Porsche Design also has a range of streamlined and stylish fashion accessories. You can opt for a beauty bag or wash bag, document folders or compact weekender bags that are ideal for short breaks or carry on luggage when flying.

On the larger side, as well as a larger budget requirement, you may like to choose a luggage set or single travel case. These come in hard shell, soft shell and leather models and will make the ideal gift for a loved one who appreciates simple yet refined style when they travel.

3. Porsche Design sound equipment

If your loved one can't imagine life without their music, then a selection from the Porsche Design sound equipment range may make the perfect gift. The ear bud headphones can be used plugged in or via Bluetooth connectivity, making them ideal for active or sporty loved ones. They also have high-tech, noise cancelling headphones for a superior sound and ear comfort.

Porsche Design also manufactures a selection of contemporary sound systems. This includes compact and portable Bluetooth speakers with pure stereo sound and slick and powerful sound bars for the ultimate in sound quality.

Whichever Porsche Design product you decide to give to your loved one, you can be assured that it will be one that has the inimitable style and sophistication that are synonymous with the name.